Before You Apply

By submitting an online application, applicant is providing an electronic signature acknowledging that the applicant has completed this application truthfully, accurately and completely and understands the Terms of Application stated below.

Please fill out the application truthfully, completely and accurately. Falsification of information and/or incompleteness is grounds for denial. The failure to provide complete information may also be grounds for denial. If a section of the application is not applicable, please add “Not Applicable” or “None” as appropriate.

Social security number disclosure is voluntary and your application will not be denied merely on the basis that it is not provided, however, it may affect our ability to verify your credit history which may in turn have  an effect on our approval or disapproval of your application.

Please complete your current and prior landlord information and income information, including names, addresses and telephone numbers. A rental history check will be conducted on your application, if applicable. If an applicant owes money to another landlord, the money must be verified as having been paid in full before the application will be considered for approval.

Please provide complete income information (including employer’s name(s) and telephone number(s) if you are employed). Please list all sources of income. Applicants must demonstrate an ability to pay the monthly rent in a timely manner for the full term of the intended rental agreement. Employment references will be checked to verify income if the reference procedure is not fee-based. If an applicant has a payee or other contact person at a specific agency, please provide their name, address and telephone number; the employment reference, source of income, payee or other contact person will be contacted by management for verification of the information that you provide. You are responsible for notifying all individuals with whom management will be contacting to verify information that you have provided in support of your  application.

If an applicant does not demonstrate the ability to pay the monthly rent in a timely manner for the full term of the intended rental agreement, at the option of the applicant either a double-deposit must be paid in advance, or a qualified co-signer/guarantor will be required to guarantee the financial obligations of the lease.

The applicant must also otherwise qualify per our other rental criteria. A credit check will be conducted on your application. An application must be submitted for each adult that will be residing in the unit.

Your credit will be run and you will be notified of the status of your application, generally within 48 hours after the review of your complete application. If you apply online, your $30 non-refundable credit  application fee must be paid first by credit or debit card.

Prior to final approval of the application, all approved applicants are required to personally provide valid identity information as well as all applicable authentication documentation of information provided on the completed application.

A deposit (to be later determined based on type of unit selected) is required to hold an apartment. Applicant is required to sign a Rental Deposit & Receipt agreement.